RSO- is it for me?

What is RSO: RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is a full spectrum plant oil that was developed by Rick Simpson. Rick was a cannabis advocate who had developed skin cancer. He had created this potent, full-spectrum cannabis oil, and applied it to his cancer spots which then disappeared. Rick attributes the RSO to curing his skin cancer. Rick primarily recommends using Indica dominant strains to create his potent cancer-fighting medicine. The term full-spectrum means that not only the THC is extracted from the cannabis plant, but the other beneficial cannabinoids that the plant may contain as well as the beneficial terpenes from the plant. Rick has had many individuals tell him that orally consuming potent cannabis concentrate also helped with symptoms relating to diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Insomnia, Depression as well as various types of cancers.

Our Products: We believe in the healing powers of RSO. Through careful research and application, we have developed a line of highly potent, full-spectrum, cannabis concentrates. This oil can be used orally (in the cheek and under the tongue), can be consumed with food, and can be used topically on the skin surface. We produce a traditional Indica line of oil as well as a potent Sativa, CBD, Hybrid and a CBD/THC blend. We find that many of our patients and customers prefer to use the different strains in particular ratios to produce the desired effect. We source all of our cannabis material from small farms in Humboldt and Mendocino. We partner with small family farms to keep our costs down for the consumer as well as ensure quality control of our material. Each batch of RSO is made with love and care from our lab team. Our concentrates test between 50-75% total cannabinoids and are made from high-quality material. All of the material is tested before processing, at the end of processing and for a third time before it reaches the consumer. These tests look for residual solvent, heavy metals, additives, pesticides, and microbial agents. This rigorous testing ensures that we are putting a very safe product into the market, as many of our consumers may be ill and immunocompromised.

Our Process: We use cryogenic food-grade Ethanol to extract the plant material and THC. After the cannabinoids are extracted, we use a modern-day still to reclaim the Ethanol, leaving a potent and resinous product to make the oil. We then decarboxylate the oil (add heat to activate the THC-A to THC) before filling it into the syringes and packaging. We package by hand and take care to ensure quality in each and every single syringe.

Dosing: It is recommended to start with a drop the size of half a grain of rice three times per day- for an adult. If the dose is being tolerated, it can be doubled after a few days. Everyone’s cannabinoid tolerance is different so it may take a bit to get the dosage correct.

We love hearing from our customers, if you purchase from us, let us know what you think!