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3:1 CBD - Bubbas Blend

Description: A 3:1 happy accident created by its tie-dye toking namesake, Bubba. Bubba’s Blend is a combination of AC/DC and our own Mendo Crumble. Grown in Mendocino by a small family farm, this Indica-infused CBD strain was crafted with quality, potency, and a touch of THC.

Best For: Vibes with The Allman Bros and a chill 3-day weekend in San Francisco. Our clients reported pain relief, easier sleep, reduced anxiety, and overall better health.

Cannabinoids: 175mg THC | 534mg CBD

Q: What does the 3:1 CBD ratio in Bubbas Blend feel like?

A: Keeping the CBD dominant but including some amount of THC makes strains like Bubbas Blend incredibly relaxing but also lightly mind-uplifting. For those who have become accustomed to THC, a blend at this ratio can be a perfect compromise between the old and the new.

Q: Will Bubbas Blend make me feel high?

A: Bubbas Blend may make you feel lightly high, but not in the way that an only-THC or even a 1:1 strain might. The effects of THC, while pleasant, will remain distant.

Q: What are the medicinal effects of a 3:1 CBD ratio?

A: At a ratio of 3:1, CBD will be free to exert its beneficial effects boosted by THC, which strengthens the entourage effect. Indulge in the relaxing benefits of THC resting easy that you’ll know where your mind is at all times.

Q: How do I use the syringe?

A: Click here to learn how to use and troubleshoot an Emerald Bay Extracts syringe.

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