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RSO Syringes vs. Tablets: Which Product Type Is Right for Me?

Emerald Bay Extracts syringes and tablets are equally effective, but they have important differences. Together, we’re confident that our syringes and tablets offer impressive value to every patient or customer, and some even appreciate the effects that Emerald Bay Extracts tablets and syringes offer together.


In this guide, get to know each product type better, learning along the way whether you’ll want to turn to syringes or tablets under various circumstances. Starting with an in-depth examination of what RSO tablets and syringes are, we’ll move on to compare the two across five different categories.

What is RSO?

RSO is a special type of high-potency cannabinoid extract that preserves the natural terpenes and flavonoids that make cannabis flavorful and diverse in its effects. Compared to other extract types, RSO tastes better, and it also offers the entourage effect with more fidelity. Boosted by enduring popularity among the medical cannabis community, RSO is now widely considered to be the most beneficial type of cannabinoid extract.

What is an RSO syringe?

An RSO syringe is a common type of RSO product in which cannabis oil is stored in a glass barrel and pushed out (extruded) with a plunger. Syringes make it possible to administer exact doses of RSO, and they also ensure that no RSO is left over in the container once empty. RSO syringes contain RSO and no other ingredients.


What are RSO tablets?

RSO tablets consist of RSO combined with an edible tablet base. Emerald Bay Extracts tablets contain a base of microcrystalline cellulose, making them easy to either chew up or swallow whole. RSO tablets can be manufactured in many different doses, allowing everything from pinpoint microdosing to the administration of large amounts of RSO at once.

Emerald Bay Extracts syringes vs. tablets comparison

With a basic understanding of what syringes and tablets are in the context of RSO, it’s time to compare the two product types. Right from the start, we’ll stipulate that neither RSO syringes or tablets are inherently better than each other: Both product types offer unique benefits, which will become clear throughout this comparison section:

Administration method

The ways in which you use Emerald Bay Extracts tablets and syringes are undeniably different. In the case of syringes, you push down a plunger to extrude a dose of pure RSO, which you can then put under your tongue, swallow immediately, or add to your choice of food or beverage.


Tablets, on the other hand, consist of RSO combined with a tablet base, which you’ll quickly note makes them easy to handle and not at all sticky. Whether you chew them or swallow them whole, it’s hard to make a mess with RSO tablets, and your choices of administration methods are quite straightforward.


Despite containing different ingredients, there shouldn’t be much of a difference in flavor between RSO tablets and syringes of the same cannabis strain. There are, of course, major differences between the flavors of different cannabis strains, but the base ingredients used in Emerald Bay Extracts RSO tablets are specifically chosen to be flavorless, accentuating the naturally delicious flavors of RSO.


The flavor of a Blue Dream RSO tablet should be similar to the flavor of a Blue Dream RSO syringe, for instance. The texture of chewing up a tablet is very different from swallowing RSO or letting it dissolve in your mouth, though. At the same time, remember these aren’t the only ingestion methods at your disposal — you can swallow your RSO tablets whole to experience no flavor at all or even add your RSO syringe to tea, where it can synergize with other plant oils.


As long as they contain the same strain, the tenor or “vibe” of the effects provided by RSO tablets and syringes shouldn’t be considerably different. You might notice a difference in how fast you experience the effects of your RSO, however, depending on whether it’s contained in a tablet or a syringe.


If you swallow an RSO tablet whole, for example, you won’t take advantage of the benefits of sublingual administration, which allows cannabinoids to start entering your bloodstream directly through your mouth before swallowing. Apply an RSO syringe under your tongue, however, and cannabinoids will start entering your brain and the rest of your body almost instantly.


It’s not as if RSO syringes always kick in faster, though. You can swallow the oil in an RSO syringe immediately, for instance, bypassing sublingual administration in the same way as you would by swallowing an RSO tablet without chewing it. Choose to chew your RSO tablet, though, and sublingual administration becomes an option with tablets too.


All things considered, RSO tablets and syringes are equal in terms of convenience. What’s convenient to you changes depending on the circumstances, though, such as discretion being important in public but the ability to pinpoint control your dose perhaps becoming more of a priority at home.


For instance, there’s absolutely nothing about taking an Emerald Bay Extracts RSO tablet or two that will provide any indication that you’re using cannabis. Our tablet containers are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and the tablets themselves have a very light aroma and look just like ordinary tablets or mints at a glance.


Onlookers might be curious about what’s in a syringe you start administering into your mouth, though — curiosity you may or may not want to attract. Simply consider the demands of your situation to decide whether RSO syringes or tablets are more convenient to your current needs.


There’s no clear winner between RSO syringes and tablets when it comes to versatility of potential administration methods. Between the two product types, there’s truly something for everyone: Those who don’t like taking RSO directly can dissolve it in a drink or add it to food. Those who don’t want to chew tablets can swallow them whole — Emerald Bay Extracts 10mg tablets are particularly small and easy to swallow while still providing an impressive dose.


We’re sure there are ways to use RSO tablets or syringes that even we haven’t thought of. Use your creative discretion as you determine the best possible way to ingest Emerald Bay Extracts RSO in your particular circumstances.

The bottom line: Are Emerald Bay Extracts RSO tablets or syringes right for me?

With a full understanding of the differences between RSO syringes and tablets, which one comes out on top as the best type of RSO product? In the end, it’s best to think of these two product types from a “both-and” rather than an “either-or” perspective.


In some cases, absolute discretion may be tantamount, in which case taking a couple of tablets out of a small personal bag might make a lot of sense. In other cases, you might want to mix a whole tray of RSO drinks for friends: RSO syringes to the rescue.


When it comes to RSO tablets and syringes, each product has benefits that the other does not. More important, though, is the fact that both tablets and syringes offer all the immense benefits of RSO, which is renowned the world over as the purest and most effective cannabis extract.

RSO tablets vs. syringes FAQ

Further expand your understanding of the differences and similarities between RSO tablets and syringes in the following FAQ section:

How long will a syringe of RSO last?

Emerald Bay Extracts RSO syringes contain 1g RSO extract, which will last varying amounts of time depending on use habits. Those who like to use 100mg of RSO per day or more, for instance, will find that their syringes become depleted after around a week and a half. Use a smaller dose, however, and your RSO may last its entire shelf life of one year.

Are RSO tablets the same as capsules?

No, RSO tablets and capsules are quite different with tablets being the clear winners when it comes to flavor and convenience. RSO capsules are specifically designed to be swallowed whole, for instance, while you have the option of chewing RSO tablets. Many people find swallowing capsules to be an uncomfortable experience, which is why tablets are more convenient.

How quickly do you feel the effects of RSO?

The amount of time it takes RSO to kick in depends on the ingestion method you chose, but you can usually feel the effects of RSO within 5-45 minutes. If you allow RSO to rest under your tongue before swallowing, the effects might be noticeable in five minutes or less. RSO that you swallow without holding in your mouth, however, may take up to 45 minutes to be processed by your digestive tract and enter your bloodstream.

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