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Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil and Full-Spectrum Tablets


About Us

Founded by a Stanford Oncology/ICU nurse, Emerald Bay is devoted to producing safe products that are triple-tested and free of pesticides, heavy metals, or additives. The only solvent used in our process is food-grade alcohol. Our products are intended for medicinal use, but can also be used recreationally.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"



"I suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and pain from multiple shrapnel wounds as a result of my combat injury. I choose not to take pharmaceutical medication because of the countless side effects I have endured because of them. Now that I started using Emerald Bay Extract’s RSO Oil, I have finally been able to enjoy life again. Immediately. After consuming RSO I was calm and relaxed. I slept for hours that first night longer than I have in years. With only a small dose I am able to regain my independence and enjoy life with my family undisturbed and pain free."

~ Mike


"I started using Emerald Bay Extracts RSO syringes about a year ago. I suffer from bipolar disorder, severe anxiety disorders, depression, and insomnia. Most days getting out of bed alone is a battle. I am also a Mommy to a beautiful, energetic, and happy 3-year-old. A little bit of hybrid oil in my system and suddenly I’m capable of taking on the world, or at least is feels that way. I am able to keep up energy with my little one and be present and HAPPY for her. If you battle with any of the above-mentioned diagnoses you know how difficult those three things can be to attain even without children. In the evening, I take a combination of Indica and CBD RSO to unwind, recharge, and relax my mind and body. The RSO tablets have become a personal favorite for me due to their precise dosage, convenience, and discreetness. Overall this product is truly life-changing. Whether you prefer to microdose, or take higher doses, you are FULLY in control of your life while taking Emerald Bay Extracts products." 

~ Anne

"Hello and happiest day everyone! I'm Sandy, and I suffer from server RA. Cannabis is the only pain med I use. I live on the central coast, and work for a cannabis dispensary. I have used some of Emerald Bay Extract RSO Tablets. They have been incredibly helpful in reducing inflammation, and help me to stay asleep."

~ Sandra

"Your RSO helps control my epilepsy! I’m in hopes to get my hands on more and try additional products soon. Woohoo!!! Can’t thank y’all enough for making such incredible products." 

~ Lexie

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Tablets & Syringes

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Strain Specific RSO Full-Spectrum Oil Tablets

Indica | Sativa | Hybrid | High CBD | CBG

10mg | 25mg | 50mg

Strain Specific RSO Full-Spectrum Syringes

Indica | Sativa | Hybrid | CBD | CBG | 1:1 | 3:1 | 30:1

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