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Syringe Use Guide: How to Use the Emerald Bay Extracts RSO Syringe

At Emerald Bay Extracts, it has always been our mission to make our products as simple as possible. We believe cannabis gives us everything we need to make pure and potent medicine, and it’s simply our job not to get in the way.


That’s why we offer our high-purity, pesticide-free RSO in a simple glass syringe. The glass applicator tip dispenses a cylinder of extract 1mm thick, which you can ingest directly or add to your favorite food or drink.


While we feel that the syringe is the simplest and easiest way to package cannabis extract, we also understand that using cannabis extract in a syringe can present a considerable learning curve. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to use the Emerald Bay Extracts RSO Syringe.

What is an RSO syringe?

An RSO syringe is a plunger syringe with a barrel full of Rick Simpson Oil, a highly purified form of full-spectrum cannabis extract. These are the types of syringes you might have received medicine in as a child: Instead of a needle, there’s a nozzle applicator from which the RSO is dispensed.

How do I use my RSO syringe?

We’ve designed our RSO syringes to be as easy to use as possible. Just follow these five simple steps to get the most out of your Emerald Bay Extracts RSO Syringe experience:

Part 1: Packaging removal

First, remove the syringe from its packaging. Our syringe boxes are equipped with simple-but-effective child-proofing buttons that you must push in while sliding the inner box outward. The button is easy to find on the side of the box, and don’t forget to unstick the label that provides a seal between the nested sections of the box.


With the box fully slid open, your syringe will be removable from its shock-proof foam bed. Slide the box shut again for storage, or use the inner portion’s foam outline as a place to keep your syringe when not in use.

Part 2: Unscrewing the cap

Once you have your Emerald Bay Extracts RSO Syringe in your hands, the next step is to remove the cap on the end. Our caps are custom-formulated to provide the best seal possible while also being easy to remove, which should be the case the first time you remove a cap from a new syringe.


From that point onward, residual extract left on the end of the syringe applicator can form a sticky seal of its own, bonding the cap with the applicator. For subsequent uses, it may be necessary to warm the cap area of the syringe before unscrewing.

Part 3: Choosing a dose

Your RSO syringe is now out of its box, it’s uncapped, and it’s ready to use. You’ll need to decide how much RSO to use first, though, a task that’s made simple with the milliliter measurements we’ve placed on the side. The full-length tick marks designate 0.1ml intervals with half-length tick marks denoting 0.025ml intervals between these larger measurements.


In this context, milliliters are convertible into grams at a ratio of 1:1. So, if you want to use 1/10th of a gram with this dose (0.1g), then you would simply push your syringe until the base of the plunger is flush with whichever mark is one full-length tick lower than where it started.


With a new syringe, for instance, the full volume will be exactly 1g (1ml), so using a 0.1ml dose would take the base of the plunger down to the 0.9ml mark. Emerald Bay Extracts syringes are marked down to intervals of 0.025ml, making it simple to take very small doses or modulate your dose exactly as you like.

Part 4: Pushing the syringe

Now that you know where you want the syringe’s plunger to stop, it’s time to start pushing. Before you begin, understand that this can be the most challenging part of using an Emerald Bay Extracts syringe, so it pays to know the ropes before you begin.


Cannabis strains vary in stickiness depending on their chemical makeup. The strain Gorilla Glue, for instance, is named for its intense stickiness, a trait that comes through quite strongly in our GG#4 syringes.


Other strains, on the other hand, like our CBD dominant Valentine X or Harlequin GDP, aren’t quite as viscous, making it easier to extrude them from their syringes. This is a double-edged sword, however, since you might apply too much RSO if you’re used to a strain that provides more resistance when being extruded from its syringe.


If a strain like Blue Dream or Gorilla Glue is giving you trouble coming out of its syringe, there are some simple fixes you can try. We’ll cover common troubleshooting methods in the next section.

Part 5: Applying the RSO

Now, it’s time to apply your RSO using whichever ingestion method you select. Push the RSO out of the syringe to your specified dose, and consider using your Emerald Bay Extracts RSO in the following ways:


  • Swallowing immediately: You can always take the straightforward route by putting your RSO directly in your mouth and swallowing it without any ado. Due to the inherent stickiness of RSO, this approach can be tricky unless you apply the extract toward the back of your mouth.

  • Holding it under your tongue: Most times, orally ingesting RSO involves getting some on your thin mouth membranes, which can be seen as a benefit. Cannabinoids absorb very easily through the tissues inside your mouth, so intentionally holding your RSO under your tongue and letting it dissolve over time is a great method for experiencing both immediate and long-lasting effects.

  • Adding to a warm drink: It’s easy to disperse RSO in a warm drink if you don’t want to swallow it on its own. Just make sure your drink does not exceed 150°F, or the terpenes and cannabinoids in your RSO will be damaged.   

  • Adding to food: The same temperature rule applies when adding RSO to food, so we caution you to add RSO to salad dressings, sauces, and other food items or garnishes that aren’t heated substantially during preparation.

What to do if your RSO syringe stops working

If your Emerald Bay Extracts RSO syringe stops extruding cannabis concentrate when you push down on the plunger, two issues could be to blame:

  • The syringe is stuck

  • The syringe is empty

You can tell by looking at the side if your RSO syringe is empty. The bottom of the plunger will be flush with “0.0g,” and there shouldn’t be any RSO left in the syringe.

If your syringe is stuck, you simply need to apply heat. Too much heat will damage your RSO and make it flow out of the syringe. We recommend holding a stuck Emerald Bay Extracts syringe against body heat for 2-5 minutes or running it under warm water for 30 seconds to make the RSO viscous enough to be extruded again.

RSO syringes: The future of cannabis

When he started making cannabis oil for cancer patients out of his garage, Rick Simpson knew that both inhaling cannabis and ingesting it in the form of edibles presented problems. Inhalation doesn’t provide long-lasting effects, and edibles are too sugary and difficult to dose properly.


Getting ahead of the eventual push to produce highly purified cannabis distillate, Rick Simpson made RSO — a minimally processed, full-spectrum extract that has worked countless wonders over the last three decades.


Emerald Bay Extracts RSO is the purest, most potent RSO ever developed. Offered in easy-dose syringes that would have made Rick Simpson proud, our RSO is designed to offer the benefits of cannabinoids without anything getting in the way. The clean, professional future of cannabis is here — enjoy an Emerald Bay Extracts RSO Syringe today.

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