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Is It Time for a Tolerance Break? All You Need to Know About Cannabis Tolerance 

If you’ve been consuming cannabis daily for a while, there’s a good chance you’re not experiencing the same effects you once did. Or maybe you need to use more to feel the way you want.

This is because cannabis is like many other substances. The more you consume it, the higher your tolerance becomes. Ultimately this means you need to use more whether consuming cannabis recreationally, medicinally, or both. 

The good news is that taking a tolerance break can reset your tolerance. A t-break is perfect for bringing you back to base level, balancing out your consumption requirements, and experiencing the same effects with less product. 

Keep reading to learn more about how tolerance to weed works and how taking a tolerance break can help. If you have a high tolerance but don’t want to a t-break for medical (or personal) reasons, we’ll even take a look at how pairing different products can enhance the effects of your experience. 

Understanding Cannabis Tolerance

Cannabis tolerance refers to experiencing reduced effects when consuming cannabis regularly. It occurs when the body begins to adapt to various cannabinoids, which ultimately require increased amounts to achieve the same psychoactive or therapeutic effects.


Cannabis tolerance develops slowly after consistent use. There’s no specific timeline it takes to develop tolerance, as cannabis affects everyone differently. How often you consume cannabis, your method of consumption, how strong your product is, and your biology all influence your tolerance level. 

If you’re consuming cannabis all day, every day, your tolerance is going to be higher than someone who partakes once a day or every couple of days. 

Having a high tolerance can significantly impact your overall experience. You may discover the euphoria or therapeutic effects you once enjoyed aren’t as strong. Ultimately, this leads to the need for more product to experience the effects you desire. 


Taking a Tolerance Break

A tolerance break is simply taking a break from cannabis to reduce your tolerance level. But how does it work? 

Keep in mind that when you regularly consume THC, CB1 receptors are reduced over time. This means that CB1 receptors stop working the way they once did. Some believe that when the cannabinoid receptors are overused, they protect themselves but moving inside of the cell. Ultimately, this diminishes its effects, necessitating more THC to feel the way you desire. 

While chronic cannabis consumption depletes CB1 receptors, research shows it’s reversible. One study discovered that after less than four weeks of cannabis abstinence, CB1 receptors returned to their normal levels. 

4 Things To Do When Taking a T-Break

1. Determine How Long Your T-Break Will Last 


How long a t-break lasts is unique to the individual taking it. Some people find that abstaining from cannabis for a few days does the trick. Others claim a couple of weeks is the way to go.  Most experts recommended 2-3 weeks for a solid reset. 

No matter how long you plan on taking a t-break, it’s something you’ll want to prepare for. Following are a few things to keep in mind when you’re ready to take a break from canna consumption. 

2. Identify the Reasons You’re Taking a Break

Before you begin, you’ll want to identify the specific reasons for your tolerance break. Whether it’s to regain sensitivity to THC, enhance mental clarity, assess your relationship to weed, or save money, going into it knowing your “why” can help ensure your success. 

3. Gradually Reduce Consumption

Abruptly stopping all cannabis consumption can cause some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, insomnia, aggression, decreased appetite, and more are all common cannabis withdrawal symptoms. The more cannabis you consume, the more pronounced these symptoms can be. 

To avoid this and increase your chances of maintaining your t-break, choose to gradually reduce your canna consumption. By gradually tapering down, the body adjusts more smoothly and you minimize the intensity of any potential withdrawal symptoms. 

​4. Engage in Alternative Activities

Keeping busy during your t-break is key to success. If you’re accustomed to daily cannabis consumption, there’s going to be a void when you cut down or quit completely. You can fill this void by staying busy and engaging in different activities that bring you joy. 


Maybe it’s exploring a new hobby or pursuing that creative endeavor you’ve been wanting to. Exercise can be excellent to relieve some of the angst you might experience. Even a brisk walk can get those feel-good chemicals flowing, which will contribute to a more positive experience. 


Diversifying your routine when taking a t-break serves as a great distraction. Not only can it help get your mind off the absence of cannabis, it can open new avenues of living and enjoying your life. 


Taking a tolerance break is a strategic process. By identifying why you want a break, gradually reducing consumption, and incorporating alternative activities, you can navigate the break intentionally. Doing so allows you to experience the positive outcomes associated with this deliberate pause in cannabis consumption. 


What to Do When Taking a T-Break Isn’t an Option


For those who use cannabis for medicinal or therapeutic reasons, taking a t-break isn’t always an option. Individuals who only experience relief by taking larger doses of cannabis will discover that reducing consumption won’t work for them. Neither will using cannabis less frequently or strictly controlling their doses. 

Here’s where pairing different cannabis products can work. For example, at Emerald Bay Extracts, we offer strain-specific tablets that pair perfectly with flower. We’ve found taking a 25mg tablet in the morning and consuming flower throughout the day offers our high-tolerance customers just what they need. 

Not only does this help them feel the desired effects, it allows them to customize their experience to fit their unique needs. 

Discover Perfect Balance With Emerald Bay Extracts + THC Flower


Let’s say you’re accustomed to consuming cannabis with your morning coffee. You may find it difficult to maintain elevated effects throughout the day after your initial wake and bake. Here’s where pairing our strain-specific tablets with your flower can be beneficial. 

If morning marijuana is your thing, you might consider starting your day with a 25mg Durban Poison RSO tablet. Durban Poison is a pure potent sativa known for enhancing productivity, offering an energetic high. Long-lasting high that can help you face the day. It’s also reported to help relieve headaches, chronic pain, depression, and nausea. 

How long the effects of our RSO tablets last varies depending on the dose and the user, but they typically last around 2-4 hours. Before they wear off completely, however, you can stay pleasantly elevated by taking a few hits of flower to balance things back out.  

The trick to creating the perfect balance is to pair Emerald Bay Extracts RSO tablets with a complimentary strain. If you took a Durban Poison tablet in the morning, consider a strain crossed with the legendary landrace strain. GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) is an award-winning Durban Poison x OG Kush cross famous for its euphoric effects and supporting stress, anxiety, and depression. 

But because of the OG Kush in GSC, it can lead to couch-lock and feeling lethargic. If you want to avoid this, consider pairing your morning Durban Poison tablet with a sativa-dominant Durban Poison cross, such as Grapefruit OG. It’s noted for its uplifting effects and increasing energy, which can help keep you going into the afternoon. 

At the end of the day, you might consider taking a tablet that supports relaxation and offers a bit of sedation. Our Grand Daddy Purple RSO tablets are best taken after work or before bed, as Grand Daddy Purple is known for offering a deep sense of relaxation and supporting chronic pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. 

Consider pairing your evening tablet with a balanced hybrid flower like Champagne Kush. The 50:50 indica/sativa ratio will keep you mildly elevated without making you so sedated you can’t move. When it comes time to sleep, take a few hits of Bubba Kush, Wedding Cake, or Northern Lights, all of which are known for their strong sedative effects that can help you fall asleep and sleep peacefully through the night. 


Wrapping Up


Anyone who regularly uses cannabis will eventually develop a tolerance. If you’ve found your regular canna consumption routine simply doesn’t offer the same effects it once did, taking a tolerance break can help. 

Typically, all it takes is a couple of weeks to reset your tolerance. That said, some people find that abstaining from cannabis use for just a couple of days can help. 

If taking a t-break isn’t an option, however, pairing potent, high-quality cannabis products can help you experience the effects you desire. Taking an RSO tablet in the morning and puffing on your favorite flower during the day is one way to circumvent a high tolerance when a break just isn’t possible. 

Pairing products also offers a completely customizable experience. By choosing strain-specific tablets and complimentary strains, you curate a unique product blend that supports your needs, despite how high of a tolerance you have.

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